About Us

Events Mania Inc. is a boutique event design, planning and consulting firm.  Owner and Principal Event Designer; P. Rhea Smith has experienced more than two decades in Hospitality Management, in the Caribbean as well as  the USA. She is a Certified Trained Professional Chef, trained in her native country of Trinidad and Tobago, with specialized training in the USA. Rhea’s experiences range from High end Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Dinner Cruise Ships and Catering Houses.

  She has worked in various restaurants and catering houses in New York City. Former Executive Chef of the well known Mid-town Restaurant – Soul Café; owned by Actor Malik Yoba.  Her experience at the Soul Café featured her on the Food Network Channel, WLIB- Good Morning Show, Venus Magazine, Upscale Magazine, and Restaurant News to mention a few. She also managed two of New York City’s dinner cruise lines the Bateaux NY and the Spirit Cruise Brand.

Rhea’s expertise and experience in Hospitality Management, has kept her in good stead for this ever evolving world of Event Consulting and Design. She brings with her a very detailed eye to the business of Event Management.  Her training in Event Planning and International Wedding Planning has broaden her professional portfolio.  An avid tea aficionado, she enjoys a good brew. Apart from planning events, she spends her time researching and sampling teas. Her utmost pleasure is entertaining family and friends.



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